The Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi

Visualization To Cleanse You Of Negativity and Prayers For Your Prosperity and to Raise Your Consciousness Into The Divine Light

Yes, I Want the "Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi" Visualization



Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating MusiVation products and seminars worldwide. Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 16 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. After many years of meditation Michele's Kundalini awakened and transformed her consciousness. She now teaches others how to live a Mystical Life and experience Divine Oneness, which is the true heart of true happiness, success and purpose in one's life.

Her Mystical Experience webinars and live streams has assisted people from over 25 countries to transform their lives to the positive. Through her Teachings and Prayers and Light Transmissions people awaken and experience what they say is the impossible They awaken to their true purpose and begin their path to Enlightenment.

Michele also has authored over 60 books, audiobooks, DVD's, music CDs and TV shows, including authoring with Bob Proctor the titles "Become a Magnet to Money through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness" "New Paradigms"," Be Your Perfect Weight" and "Become A Magnet To Money". Brian Tracy, world authority on selling, comments, "Michele has put together materials that bring about permanent behavioral and spiritual change."


Your Divine Birthright...

It is everyone's Divine Birthright to be free. FREE in Consciousness and FREE to live a PROSPEROUS life.

When our oscillation is low, we can find it a challenge to have faith.

Our vibration and energy must be at a higher frequency then it is now if we wish to have success in our lives.

Then you can use this new energy towards success in your spiritual, financial and relationship areas.

Yes, I Want the "The Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi" Visualization